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Hunt Maps are the best custom, unit specific, topographic hunting maps  
available for: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming!

HuntMap™ are the most rugged, custom, hunt unit (GMU) specific topographic maps available on the market. Created by a geographer but built for the hunters and outdoor enthusiats. Huntmap shows all water sources, current forest service roads (even the decommissioned roads), land ownership, including public and private lands and most importantly the Game Management Unit (GMU) boundary.

At HuntMap™ we pioneered the GMU hunting map and continue to set the standard.  At HuntMap™ our mission is to create the most accurate, durable maps, using the most current information available. Whether you are hunting your trophy elk or deer, HuntMap™ is built to get you deep inside big game territory and out again.

Mobile Lite Pkg: $30.00
Mobile Durable Pkg: $45.00
Don't get lost out in the wilderness with a broken device or a dead battery.  Now you can have the best of both worlds, a digital and physical map!tter than onX hunt
The most rugged, durable, custom, hunt unit (GMU) specific, topographic maps available. Engineered for scouting, you can fold it, roll it or just crush it up and stuff it in your rucksack. HuntMap is quiet in the field and will always lay out flat.

Our downloadable mobile PDF maps. View them on your computer with Adobe Acrobat or PDF map reading apps like the AVENZA App! Now you can carry your HuntMap on your IOS or Android device out in the field. Track your location with or without service, right on your phone. 
better than onX hunt

Our no frills “regular paper” version of our premium maps! All the features you expect from your HuntMap but for the hunter on a budget.
HuntMap is proud to announce our Indian Reservation Hunt Map Series. The same great quality and features you come to expect from HuntMap.

You spent a lot of time and effort to get permission to hunt on Native American land. Now you don't have spend a lot time finding the right map. 

Custom 1:24,000 scale topographic maps. Pick your own center point, better than a USGS topo waterproof / rip-proof. Available in two sizes  
Updated and current  
Covers a ground area of 8.5 miles x 10 miles.
Beautiful, high quality, poster showing your state and all the Hunt Unit Boundaries for your state. Perfect for your den, office or home. Bright, colorful wall reference map! Printed on high quality paper: waterproof, tear-resistant, using UV inks that will not fade.  

Available for: Arizona/Colorado/New Mexico/Nevada
BIG 24” x 27” (will vary by State)  

HUNTMAP is a premium, custom, unit specific hunting map. Specifically engineered for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. At HuntMap our mission is to create the most accurate and durable maps, using the most current, accurate information available. Huntmaps are printed on our proprietary, rubberized, water-proof, rip-proof, and fade resistant, paper. You can fold it, roll it or just crush it up and stuff it in your rucksack, Hunt Map will always lay out flat. Engineered for scouting, Hunt Map is built to get you deep inside big game territory and out again.
  • Game Management Unit or Hunting Boundaries Clearly Shown.
  • Shows Private and Public Lands (BLM, State, Federal Lands, indian reservation and more.)  
  • Most up-to-date Roads and Access
  • Latest forest service travel management roads and labels - We even show the closed roads!  
  • Current local roads / highways and Interstates    
  • shaded relief topographic map with 50 foot and 100 foot contour intervals     
  • Rivers / Streams and lakes
  • Shows all water source locations, including tank, springs, wells, Game and Fish catchments and the names  
  • Declination azimuth showing magnetic and true North  
  • GPS compatible with 2000 Meter UTM grid for ease of estimating distance
  • Printed on a durable, waterproof, rubberized fabric.
AZ Unit 5B South
Viktor Keenan
Is a degreed Geographer with over 20 years of exprerience in spatial analysis / Geographic Information Systems (GIS), cartography and data conversion.
Jacquelyn Keenan
20 years of Software Support.
Huntmap Blank
Jack Keenan
Over 35 years in GIS / Parks and Recreations and Historic Preservation, and the Natural Resources Conservations Service.
HuntMap is the trade mark and D/B/A of HuntMap, LLC and is a family owned and operated business located in Phoenix, Arizona. HuntMap, LLC is one of the southwest’s leading providers of custom topographic maps and Geographic Information System (GIS) services. 
HuntMap pioneered the GMU specific commercial map concept over 20-years ago. Viktor developed the HuntMap concept in 1997 and co-patented the HuntMap product in 2004. HuntMap is a revolutionary map designed specifically for Hunters in the southwest. He realized that hunters in Arizona had specific needs regarding maps. First and foremost hunters needed a map that: 
  • Clearly show the entire hunt unit or game management unit or GMU on one map; 
  • Hunters needed to know access into their hunt unit, current forest service road, BLM roads and trails; 
  • They needed a map that showed where all the water sources are: trick tanks, guzzlers, springs.
  • Finally, hunters needed maps that could hold up to the weather and elements and never rip or tear at the seams. 

As a degreed geographer, Viktor made it his mission to solve these needs. Falling back on his education, experience camping in the Adirondack wilderness, in upstate New York, his Civil Air Patrol search and rescue training, and 19+ years of experience in GIS. Viktor painstakingly asked hunters to field test his prototypes. The result was HUNTMAP the perfect map for scouting and hunting. 
HuntMap, LLC: maintains the copyrights and patent ownership of the HuntMap™ name and products.

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